AWS AppStream 2.0 PoV - Core Business Critical Applications Deployed Within 4 Weeks

Cost savings

$1.2 M



Reduction of Admin Costs


The Challenge

  • Metricon Homes Citrix/XenApp remote app platform is nearing ‘end of life’ and approaching the end of support.
  • In recent months, the Citrix farm has demonstrated instability (prone to failure) with a detrimental impact to the user community. Platform reliability is a concern.
  • The operational burden is increasing due to service interruption causing productivity loss.

The Solution

  • Designed and deployed a production-ready horizontal scaling of AppStream fleets.
  • Whilst working closely with Metricon application SMEs’ an image was created and deployed successfully on five (5) legacy core lines of business applications.
  • Integrated AWS AppStream with Azure Active Directory (for Single Sign-On) and leveraged Azure as the MFA provider; aligned with Metricon's existing identity domain & security posture.
  • Deployed scalable fleets to ensure cost optimisation; including GPU hardware fleets to run AutoCAD.

The Outcome

  • MVP approved for production implementation.
  • Production implementation to support over 1000 users across several personas and applications.
  • Over $1.2m in cost-saving over 5 years expected with the production implementation.
  • $0 CAPEX investment required on infrastructure.
  • Forecasting 80% reduction in admin costs to manage infrastructure.

“Oliyon has been a critical partner to us on this project. We will be working them again.”

Matt Dickson – CIO Metricon