How can we help?

We design and deploy enterprise-grade Cloud platforms.  Our solutions promote innovation through speed, scale and quality whilst providing improved security and lower costs. We have out-of-the-box platform engineering solutions for leading public cloud providers.

Our consultants are well certified and with many years of combined experience across industry-leading cloud providers including AWS, GCP and Azure.


Our Approach

Our aim is to advise and guide clients on the move to and use of Cloud. If one of the major providers is the best fit for the client then we help them Onboard (with a clear focus on repeatable process and a DevOps approach)and then work with them on how best to utilise the platform.

  • Lightweight which fits into the delivery models of any organisation
  • Combination of agile techniques and traditional frameworks to improve delivery velocity
  • A collaborative approach with lean management practices to ensure desired outcomes
  • We value long term outcomes over immediate outputs
  • Our patterns are consistently incrementing to enable commodity-based service
  • We maintain a fast-paced delivery cycle


Rapid Onboarding / RDF

We've developed an in-house product which can be deployed in a matter of weeks - The Rapid Deployment Framework

App Migration & Modernisation

We use a framework to support the migration of applications in a repeatable and cost-effective way.

Data Platforms

We leverage Machine Learning and big data set analysis and drive new business models.

Engineering Principles

1. Tools & Process

Use Contemporary software engineering processes and tools.

2. Automate

Use code and automat triggers to enable rapid deployment of infrastructure.

3. Version

Everything is versioned in source control including automation scripts, configuration files, artefacts and tests

4. Pipleline

Use pipelines for visibility, traceability and to leverage the benefits of having a consistent structured set of quality gates. 

5. Trust

Trust but verify, give engineers the education, tools and access needed to do their job. 

6. Enable

Code and pipelines are an enabler for rapid onboarding new ideas such as Security as Code.